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Which materials are good in the storage box?

Which materials are good in the storage box?

Update Time:2019/5/27

There are a lot of families who buy storage boxes. The storage boxes can hold a lot of items, whether they are clothes or bedding, or some children's toys can be placed in the storage box, and the storage box will be clean and tidy. Therefore, there must be a storage box in a family, but the material of the storage box is relatively large. Many people do not know which storage box materials are better, so they are more entangled when buying. Let me introduce to you, which materials are better in the storage box.

Which materials are good for the storage box?

1. Plastic storage box, this material storage box is also more common, the general family will buy this material storage box, such a storage box is more practical, and is not afraid of water with moisture-proof function, the most important it Do not wash with water, dirty with a towel and wipe it.

2. Cloth storage box, such material storage box is relatively breathable, so do not worry about mold, so there will be many families to buy storage box of this material, there will be no chemical ingredients, so it will not be distributed A toxic smell will not harm the human body.

3. Bamboo charcoal storage box, such a storage box is better than the antibacterial effect, and it also has the effect of moisture absorption, such a storage box is more suitable for placing cosmetics, so there will be many families to buy this material Storage Box.

How to choose the storage box?

1. If you want to put some food items, you can buy a relatively transparent storage box, so you can clearly see the food inside from the outside, it is better to choose, and the life of such storage box is longer. There is no smell, and the seal is relatively strict.

2. If you want to buy a cloth storage box, you must choose a zipper when you buy it. The zipper is a very important part. Once the zipper has a problem, it will be troublesome, and the item will fall, so the fabric is purchased. Once the material has to pass the quality, the process of using it will be more troublesome.