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Family storage is not an act, but an awareness.

Family storage is not an act, but an awareness.
Update Time:2019-05-27
For most people who care for the family, family storage has always been a big problem. In fact, family accommodation is not only an act but also a conscious act. Acceptance is to make scientific, reasonable and effective storage rules according to your living habits and storage needs.

1. Appropriate measures should be taken in accordance with family conditions.
80% of households believe that to solve the problem of home storage, they need to increase the number and size of cabinets. No, this is not the case. Blindly increasing the number and size of cabinets can only be counterproductive, giving people a sense of oppression and heaviness, making the family full of people, not to mention, and there is no beauty at all.
When planning and designing a home, everything should be done on the basis of important people, and it is enough according to family conditions. Cabinets should be customized according to the number of family members and the number of items. In other words, we should divide the project into different categories and divide them into different categories to achieve reasonable planning for space and efficient storage.
2. Return to their respective locations and display them appropriately
If there is no correct and effective functional zoning, many family problems will occur. When designing a storage plan for each space, we should consider more about the relationship between space and people. In this space, what we will do, we will decide to accept the design of the program according to people's needs.
The living room is not only a family face, but also a space to show the owner's taste and style. Therefore, in addition to the hidden storage area, the living room should also add a significant storage area. Boldly display the handicrafts harvested on the road, grow up with their own hand-made models, and friends give calligraphy and painting to make the living room a beautiful landscape.

3. Cubic use and expansion of space
People who often buy houses complain that if they buy a bigger house, they can now put more things in the house, which is obviously wrong. Indeed, large areas can bring a lot of convenience, but if we don't make the most of each space, the bigger the house, the smaller the living space.
How to improve the intensity of space acceptance? Let small families live bigger and bigger? The mystery of this problem is that "m²≠m³" cannot expand the size of the family, that is, make full use of the size of the family, that is, make full use of the vertical space.
In the case of cabinet storage, most household lockers are covered with a flat surface. At this time, if one or two partitions are added to the cabinet, that is, the vertical space is fully utilized and the classified storage of the clothes is realized.
4. People-oriented
When you go to a hypermarket, those who care about it know that the most popular items are usually seen from your golden perspective, that is, from a horizontal perspective. Similarly, in life, for the receipt of goods, according to the two principles of body height and convenience of access, Franfield generally divides the cabinet into three aspects: high, medium and low.
The middle area can be used by people's eyes and hands, and used to place the most commonly used items; the lower part is curved and accessible, and is usually used to place items that are not commonly used. Generally, a stool is required to be used, which is generally used to place the most. Items that are not commonly used.
Real storage is not a hidden thing, but starting from real life and mastering the core principles is the key to improving the skills of family storage. People-oriented, clean, spacious, and practical function planning is reflected in every detail, creating a comprehensive three-dimensional storage system, so that life is well organized and the family is full of happiness. Troson storage boxes can solve your storage needs and help you with all the troubles.