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Japanese all-round housewife's storage method.


    Japanese all-round housewife's storage method.

    May 24,2019

    At first, she just liked the dishes that PO made herself. Later, she gradually put some of her own storage skills into the PO. I didn't expect it to be very popular. In the short time, I spent 155,000 on the ins. Netizens have been impressed by her love of life and superb storage.

    After spending all morning in brushing all her ins, I found that this housewife is simply hanging up, big enough to close the refrigerator to the drug data line, all the items are well organized!

    living room

    Entrance storage

    First look at the doorway

    Shaye only put a few pairs of shoes that are worn at the door.

    At first glance, it’s refreshing and refreshing.

    Open the door to see the child's shoes

    Not densely arranged on each compartment

    More convenient to take

    Next to the shoe, Saya also saw a narrow storage space.

    She stuck hooks and brooms on the wall and fixed a few poles for long boots. The upper part is filled with rattan baskets, and every inch of space is really utilized.

    Under the stairs

    The Shaye home is a duplex with a log staircase leading to the second floor in the living room.

    Shaye used the stairs to fix two crossbars. Used to hang some lighter weight items, such as small cloth bags, small handkerchiefs......

    Storage Room

    Wardrobe storage

    It is said that there is always one less piece of clothing in a woman's closet, but when you look at the wardrobe of Shaye, you will feel: How is this woman's clothes so little?

    The cabinet on the left holds the clothes of the husband, and the cabinet on the right is the clothes of Shaye. Shaye carefully placed a piece of T-shirts that he often wore on the shelf of the cabinet, and hung a thin coat that was easy to wrinkle or wear on the side. Pinch the pants in half with the trousers, then place the extra hangers at the bottom.

    Her wardrobe, although not big, always has a feeling of shopping.

    Sundries storage

    The choice of storage box is also very particular

    Try to choose the color size is the same or close

    This will make the overall look and feel more consistent.

    Cloth storage

    Shaye is the legendary all-around housewife

    It’s also natural to work by hand.

    Regarding the storage of fabrics, she used the roll-rolling method.

    This is also mentioned before the stack of clothes.

    Put the rolled fabric up and draw out which cloth you want.

    Children's room storage

    Clothes storage

    From the influence of my mother, the wardrobe of the children's room is often sorted by myself. Shaye often encourages her son. Whenever a son puts a good thing, she praises him for doing well.

    Shaye also divided the wardrobe function area one by one, telling his son which kind of clothing to put on, just like sending clothes home. Since then, finishing clothes has become a little fun for my son.

    In order to facilitate the son to organize the wardrobe and the convenience of access

    The storage facilities in the children's room are not too high

    It’s also a close-knit arrangement for mom.

    Shaye feels that it is very important for children to learn to organize from an early age.

    This is not only about neatness in the room, but more importantly, to cultivate good habits.

    Sock storage

    She also made a schematic diagram of her own method of stacking socks.

    Separate color and white socks on the storage of socks

    Careless to this extent is no one.

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