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The importance of reasonable storage for a family.

The importance of reasonable storage for a family.

Update Time:2019/5/25
The storage is actually a professional, that is, "receiving" and "taking". The core is to pack things neatly in the most economical way. In the vernacular, it is to use the most lazy way to pack things up and put them neatly. To sum up, the core of storage is to put things in the most lazy way.
"Lazy" is not a derogatory term here, referring to "convenient", "comfortable" and "efficient", which is the nature of human beings. And "tidy" contains two points: beautiful and easy to find. Lazy and neat are obviously conflicting. So, let's talk a little bit, the source code of the storage: it is to find a balance between lazy and neat.

Finishing first needs to be clear about two issues:
1. How are these things distributed?
2. Sort items according to their characteristics

According to the habits of Chinese people, things in the family can be roughly divided into the following categories.
1. Show
It is to put things that are not visible and decorated.

2. Easy to use
The most commonly used, and difficult to store things, generally no fixed place, in an unstable state. Such as coats, pajamas, clothes to be worn tomorrow, and commonly used bags, the requirements for such storage are to be placed in the place where the incident occurred, and no matter whether it is taken or received, no more than two actions can be taken. The most typical example is the clothes hook, taking off the clothes, and one action is hung up, and taking it down requires only one action.
90% of the storage theory, either directly ignore this part, or teach everyone to develop good habits, do not let go. The end result is that these things will be thrown everywhere! For example, in your living room sofa, there must be clothes and backpacks because of the lack of this layer of storage. Therefore, I would like to remind everyone that it is necessary to reserve a very convenient and convenient storage.

3. Common items
The frequency of use is high, there is a fixed position, and the items to be recovered are used up. It is best to receive and take no more than 3 actions, and no more than 5 actions.
 For example, the drawer under the cabinet: pull the drawer out, take out the bowl, and close the drawer. Just 3 moves. But the same drawer, if at the bottom: bend over, pull open the drawer, take out the bowl, close the drawer, and stand up. 5 actions, this is not convenient.

4. Storage
It is used occasionally, and it needs to be collected when not in use. Due to the low frequency, take and put can accept more than 3 actions, even more than 5 actions. For example, if the wardrobe is more than two meters, it needs to be: take the stool, stand up, open the door, take things, close the door, go down, put the stool back. 7 actions.

5. Empty classification
I need a lot of worktops at home, there is usually nothing to put, it is empty, but this is also a very important part of the storage. Therefore, we must also consider it.